3 Reasons Steam Cleaning is Good For Your Home

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, looking for effective house cleaning services and disinfection services have become the norm. While most people associate disinfectants with fogging machines and cutting-edge liquid solutions, there is also a natural alternative in the form of dry steam which we use in our steam cleaning service. Here are three reasons why steam cleaning is good for your home.

Steam is a chemical-free and eco-friendly disinfectant

As the pandemic continues, we find ourselves looking for different ways to disinfect our homes and spaces so we can create a safe environment for our loved ones. Unlike other disinfectants that use harsh chemicals, dry steam is a natural disinfectant that can effectively remove unwanted germs and viruses. 

What makes it natural? Dry steam is essentially water (more specifically, saturated water steam) that has been heated to a temperature of at least 120 degrees Celsius. Once water has reached this temperature, it is able to effectively clean and disinfect a variety of surfaces with the help of the pressure generated by the steam cleaning machine. 

Steam cleaning works on all kinds of hard surfaces

Unlike other disinfectants, steam is quite versatile as it can clean a wide variety of hard surfaces such as wooden floors, bathroom tiles, and sofas, without damaging them. As a result, steam cleaning can be used for all kinds of spaces making it a popular add-on when our clients avail of our flagship cleaning services such as the deep cleaning service, office cleaning service, and retail store cleaning service. However, please note that for newly constructed and renovated homes, we recommend our post construction cleaning service to remove leftover dust and debris.

Why does it work on several surfaces? Unlike other disinfection solutions that require direct contact onto the surface, the steam cleaning machine uses thermal contact instead. This means that the machine relies on the heat and pressure it releases to clean the surface. 

Steam effectively removes dust, stains and bacteria

While we try our best to maintain a clean home, it can be quite challenging when we have busy schedules and numerous responsibilities. Aside from being an effective disinfectant, steam also removes dust, stains, and bacteria. 

How does this work? Since the temperature of the water in the steam cleaning machine is above 100 degrees Celsius, it is able to break the physical and chemical bonds that allow dust, stains, and bacteria to stay on these surfaces.

As a professional cleaning service, we also offer other kinds of disinfection services that you can avail of in Metro Manila, Philippines. These are: Disinfection Fogging, Bio-Armor disinfection, Sanondaf Disinfection, and Air Sanitation. Learn more about them here

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Written by Andie Miranda

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