5 Disinfection Services We Offer in Metro Manila

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we focused on offering professional cleaning services in Manila that will help our clients feel safer in their homes, offices, and spaces. With the presence of the Omicron variant, we find ourselves actively taking the necessary safety precautions to stay healthy. One way to do this is by creating a clean environment with minimal germs and bacteria to reduce the chance of infection. 

Our flagship house cleaning service, the deep cleaning service, includes the disinfection of high-touch areas such as door knobs, table tops, and light switches. For an additional layer of protection, we also offer a variety of disinfection services that one can add-on to our other cleaning services such as post construction cleaning, office cleaning service, and retail store cleaning service. 

Here are 5 disinfection services we offer in Metro Manila, Philippines:

Disinfection Fogging

Our disinfection fogging service uses a disinfectant solution that cleans the air and lightly coats surfaces in your space, including hard to reach areas where harmful germs and bacteria may be located. 

Bio-Armor Disinfection

The Bio-Armor solution is directly applied to surfaces for continuous 90-day disinfection. Unlike other solutions, Bio-Armor uses an antimicrobial coating technology that forms an invisible bed of spikes that kills 99.9% bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, and yeast. 

Learn more about Bio-Armor here: https://www.fullcircleph.com/content/7-bio-armor

Steam Cleaning

We use a Hyla ® Dry Steam cleaning machine that removes dust, stains, germs, and bacteria from any hard surface. In addition, dry steam is a natural disinfectant that can sanitize these surfaces without the use of any chemicals. 

Sanondaf Disinfection

Sanondaf Disinfection uses cutting-edge, touch-less technology to remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and yeast in both high usage areas and COVID infected areas. Unlike other solutions, Sanondaf is safe for people, animals, and plants. 

For more information on Sanondaf, feel free to view their official website: https://sanondaf.com/

Air Sanitation

Our air sanitation service uses the Hyla ® machine to remove allergens, odors, bacteria, germs, mold, and fine dust from indoor spaces. 

As we continue to live with the COVID-19 pandemic, your safety remains our top priority. Last year, our Happy Helpers were fully vaccinated, and they will be receiving their booster vaccines this January 2022. In addition, every time you book our home cleaning services, we follow a number of safety measures such as undergoing regular COVID-19 tests, and sanitizing our van, equipment, and office daily. 

To minimize the spread of the virus, enjoy Php 200 off our disinfection cleaning services until January 31, 2022. Send us a message to book our cleaning services, and our customer service representatives will be happy to accommodate you.

Written by Andie Miranda

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