3 Benefits of Regular Office Cleaning

As a professional cleaning service, we find ourselves creating new cleaning services such as house cleaning service, post construction cleaning, deep cleaning services, and disinfection services in the Philippines to keep you and your loved ones protected. With the improvement in the COVID-19 situation, several companies are calling their workforces back to the office after nearly two years of working from home. While restrictions have eased up, it is still important to continue taking the necessary safety precautions to stay protected from the virus. To keep your employees safe, take advantage of our office cleaning services as your company transitions to a face-to-face working environment. Here are three benefits of having your office cleaned regularly. 

Creates a safe environment for your employees

Even though the COVID-19 situation has improved, some employees may still feel hesitant to return to the office. It is important to reassure them that their workspace has been sanitized and is safe. One way to do this is through regular office cleaning which removes unwanted viruses, bacteria, and fungi, creating a safer working environment for your employees which will reduce any reservations or anxieties that they are experiencing. For an added layer of protection, you can also avail of our disinfection services. Read more about the five types of disinfection services we offer here

Improves employee productivity & well-being

Working in a cluttered space has been shown to increase stress and negatively impact productivity. In addition, having a clean, organized working environment also helps with your employees’ mental health as it decreases their stress levels and allows them to feel more relaxed. To help manage office clutter, you may request our team of Happy Helpers to also organize your workspaces. 

Maintains the office’s structures 

Cleaning your office regularly does not only benefit your employees, it also helps maintain the office’s structure and prolongs the lifespan of the tables, chairs, and other equipment. If you just constructed or renovated your office, we recommend that you first avail of our post construction cleaning service as this specifically targets leftover dust, dirt, and debris. 

Bonus! Enjoy FREE Disinfection until April 30!

To help create a safe working environment, you can enjoy free disinfection fogging until April 30 when you avail of our office cleaning service. We are also regularly accepting bookings for our flagship home cleaning service, the deep cleaning service. For any inquiries about our cleaning services in Manila, send us a message and our team will happily accommodate you!  

Written by Andie Miranda

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