Why Upholstery Cleaning Is Good For Your Home

When maintaining a clean home, we tend to focus on removing unwanted dust, sanitizing the space, and keeping our things neat and organized. Regularly attending to these tasks already takes a lot of time out of our busy schedules, and it is completely understandable that we sometimes overlook other home cleaning activities because we simply do not have the energy or time to attend to it. One example is upholstery cleaning - an important but also challenging task that, more often than not, is best left to a professional cleaning service. We’ll be sharing with you why Upholstery Cleaning is good for your home.


What is Upholstery Cleaning?

Unlike our other home cleaning services such as the Deep Cleaning Service, Post Construction Cleaning Service, and Disinfection Service, all of which focus on your entire space, Upholstery Cleaning thoroughly removes unwanted dust, dirt, and allergens from your mattresses, sofas, car interiors, curtains, pillows, carpets, and so on. At Happy Helpers, we use cutting-edge Hyla®️ ecological, pure-water filter technology for all of our Upholstery Cleaning Services. In addition, you may choose from Dry, Vacuum, Steam, and Shampoo or a combination of these. 

Why clean your upholstery regularly? 

When left unattended for long periods of time, unwanted dust, dirt, odors, and allergens can begin to form on your upholstery. This can negatively affect the appearance of your furniture as well as the air quality in your home. Here are our top benefits of hiring a team of professionals to clean your upholstery:

Gives your upholstery a fresh appearance

When decorating our dream homes, we make the effort to choose the most appropriate pieces of furniture that fulfill our needs, and most of the time, this also requires an investment. Unfortunately, not cleaning your upholstery regularly can negatively affect the appearance of your furniture and also shorten its lifespan. When you avail of an upholstery cleaning service, the team of professionals are trained to handle your furniture properly so it will always look fresh.

Improves the air quality in your home

Are you always sneezing at home? It may be because unwanted dust, pet air, and other forms of allergens have already accumulated on your upholstery. In addition, over time, this can attract mites and bed bugs which can lead to allergic reactions and infections.

Removes unwanted odors 

If you seem to pick up an unpleasant smell regardless of how much air freshener you use, it may be because the fabric on the upholstery has picked up unwanted dirt and odors. The Hyla®️ Upholstery Cleaning machines are equipped with ecological, pure-water filter technology that will leave your upholstery feeling and smelling brand new.

Expert cleaning 

Leaving your upholstery cleaning needs to the professionals saves you the hassle of trying to clean your upholstery on your own. When you avail of professional upholstery cleaning, the team of professional upholstery cleaners will have the proper equipment and training to clean and maintain your upholstery, so you can enjoy it in the years to come.


Hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service gives you more time to focus on what matters most to you. Whether you would like to spend time with your loved ones or treat yourself to some much needed self-care, a professional cleaning service can handle all your cleaning needs, so you can always come home to a clean home.

This August, you can enjoy free air sanitation when you book any of our Hyla®️ Upholstery Cleaning Services. To avail of this special offer or inquire about our house cleaning services, send us a message or email and our team will happily accommodate you!

Written by Andie Miranda

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