COVID-19 Safety Protocols Our Happy Helpers Follow

When the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, the safety of our clients and Happy Helpers became top priority. Before resuming operations, we dedicated time to design a number of safety protocols to ensure that we create a healthy and safe environment every time a client books our cleaning services and disinfection services. 

The main purpose of these safety protocols is to create a standard procedure for our Happy Helpers whenever they visit our clients to perform home cleaning services. Through the implementation of these protocols, we are able to ensure that our Happy Helpers have health clearance to work, and that both the office and equipment remain germ-free.

Before a cleaning job

Before any home cleaning service, we check our Happy Helpers’ temperature and well-being daily to make certain that they are fit to work. In addition, we require our Happy Helpers to wear their face masks at all times, with the exception of mealtimes, and we also ask them to bring extra face masks. Further, to maintain proper social distancing, our Happy Helpers stay at a designated area while waiting to be transported to the client’s location.

During a cleaning job

Whenever we visit a client’s space, we ask our Happy Helpers to disinfect their shoes and leave them outside, change into a clean set of uniforms, and wash their hands before beginning their work. On top of these safety measures, they also make sure to disinfect their cleaning materials before and after any cleaning job. Because of the pandemic, we now include the disinfection of high-touch areas (i.e. door knobs, light switches, tables, countertops) as part of our post construction cleaning and deep cleaning services. Our clients can also request for disinfection services as long as their location is within Metro Manila, Philippines. 

After a cleaning job

When leaving the client’s space, we ask our Happy Helpers to continuously disinfect their hands, specifically, when alighting from the elevator, signing at the security, and boarding the van. Once they have returned to the office, we ask them to disinfect all cleaning materials again. After this, they use the disinfection fogging machine to sanitize the van and office to remove unwanted germs and viruses daily. 

We’re excited to share that ever since July 22, 2021, all of our Happy Helpers have been fully vaccinated. However, given the nature of the virus, it is important to remain vigilant and we will continue to implement the aforementioned safety protocols whenever you book our house cleaning service. Looking forward to serving you all soon!

Written by Andie Miranda

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