A Guide to our Post Construction & Move-in/out Cleaning Services

It’s officially spring cleaning season - the time of the year when we find ourselves needing to clean, declutter, and organize our homes in preparation for the upcoming months. Realistically speaking, all these tasks can get overwhelming, and hiring a house cleaning service (like Happy Helpers!) can definitely lessen the load and allow you to focus on what matters most to you. As a professional cleaning service based in Metro Manila, we offer a variety of cleaning services to cater to your home’s needs. Our flagship home cleaning service, the Deep Cleaning Service, offers a total cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing of your home, but for those of you who have just built, renovated, or moved in to your new place, our Post Construction Cleaning Service and Move-in, Move-out Cleaning Service are suited for you. You may be wondering - what’s the difference? We invite you to continue reading to learn more.  

Post Construction Cleaning Service

Our Post Construction Cleaning Service is meant for newly constructed and renovated homes that are unoccupied and have minimal furnishings inside. When you book this cleaning service, our team of professional cleaners will thoroughly clean and remove leftover dust, dirt, and debris from your home, and to maximize it, we recommend that all construction or renovation work be completed. Please note, however, that this service does not include the disposal of debris such as wood and paint cans, the removal of paint stains, and the use of scaffolding. For an additional fee, our team can help you organize and unpack your items, and clean your garage and garden for you.

Move-in, Move-out Cleaning Service

Our Move-in, Move-out Cleaning Service is for homes that have already been lived in, and have not had any construction or renovation work done. In order to thoroughly clean your space, we recommend that you have minimal furnishings and items in your home. Similar to our Post Construction Cleaning Service, our team can help you organize and unpack your items, and clean your garage and garden for you.

Once you have moved in to your new home, you may book our Deep Cleaning Service for a follow-up cleaning session, or our Subscription Cleaning Service for regular routine cleaning. When you avail of our Deep Cleaning Service, we will thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas in just 5 hours. Our Subscription Cleaning Service is a follow-up to the Deep Cleaning where we will send our team of professional cleaners to your home either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. For an added layer of protection, you may also book our Disinfection Services available in Metro Manila, Philippines to remove unwanted viruses and bacteria from your space. 

To learn more about our home and office cleaning services, send us a message and our team will happily accommodate you! 

Written by Andie Miranda

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