5 Tips for a Holiday-Ready Home

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to get caught up in all our preparations. From cooking food for noche buena to fitting a laundry list of tasks in our schedules, the holidays are undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year. We agree with you, it’s definitely overwhelming - but thankfully there are steps we can take to make everything more manageable. Let’s start with these 5 tips for a holiday-ready home to help you prepare for your family gatherings and celebrations. 

Tip 1: Declutter your home

After nearly two years spent mostly at home, it’s completely understandable if your space has clutter. Before cleaning and decorating your home for the holidays, we recommend that you sort through the items you have accumulated and decide which ones will be donated or sold online. To avoid clutter, we also recommend that you repurpose items to serve as storage containers and make it a habit to return items to their proper places. 

Tip 2: Prepare your living and dining spaces

We understand that you want your home to look as presentable and festive as possible. However, if you are facing time constraints, we recommend you focus on your living and dining spaces first as this is where your guests will be spending most of their time. Make sure the tables are clean, the utensils and plates are dirt-free, and vacuum the floor to remove unwanted dust. As part of our flagship home cleaning service, our deep cleaning service includes vacuuming the floors and removing the dust from your tables and open shelves. In addition, we also offer Hyla® upholstery cleaning which thoroughly removes deep-seated dirt and allergens from your carpets, chairs, sofas, and mattresses.

Tip 3: Deep clean your guest washroom

Similar to the living and dining areas, your guests will be visiting your washroom to wash their hands. As a result, we recommend that you spend time scrubbing your washroom and ensure that all necessary toiletries such as hand soap and tissue paper are available. Similar to the living and dining spaces, our deep cleaning service includes a thorough scrubbing and disinfection of your washroom.  

Tip 4: Clean up your kitchen 

With noche buena coming up, it is important to clean your kitchen before you begin any food preparations. We recommend you clean your kitchen appliances, counter tops, and cookware, especially if this is not something you regularly do. If you choose to avail of our house cleaning service, you may request our Happy Helpers to wipe the outside of your appliances and countertops, and wash your cookware. 

Tip 5: Make space in the refrigerator

Whether you will be preparing food for potluck celebrations or hosting a gathering, it is best to organize your refrigerator to make space for the food you will be storing and receiving. Similar to the rest of your home, refrigerator’s can also become cluttered if left unattended. You may start by removing expired food and transferring items into space saving containers. After this, you can organize the items to maximize the available space. 

Following these five tips will help you prepare your home for the holiday season. However, if you find that you are quite busy, another option is to hire a professional cleaning service. We are excited to share that for this month, you can enjoy free disinfection if you choose to avail of our deep cleaning service. We also offer post construction cleaning and disinfection services within Metro Manila, Philippines. 

As we enter the Christmas season, we are sure you are excited to spend time with your loved ones. However, with the uncertainty of new COVID variants, we would like to remind you to remain vigilant and to continue to implement the necessary safety precautions. In addition, we also encourage you to avail of COVID vaccine boosters if they are already accessible to you. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Written by Andie Miranda

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