3 Benefits of Regular Aircon Cleaning

With the summer months upon us, we find ourselves using our aircons more frequently to help us find comfort amidst the warm temperatures. As a professional cleaning service, we have expanded our line of cleaning services in Metro Manila to include disinfection services, post construction cleaning service, retail store cleaning service, and aircon cleaning service. When it comes to home cleaning, people tend to forget to have their appliances like aircons cleaned frequently. However, studies have shown that just like other house cleaning services, availing of regular aircon cleaning has several benefits. Here’s our top three. 

Makes your aircon more efficient

So how is an aircon cleaned? When you book our aircon cleaning service, our Happy Helpers clean the unit’s filter and coils where dust and dirt accumulate. This accumulation of dust and dirt increases the pressure inside your aircon because the air cannot flow smoothly, making the unit work harder. Once the dust and dirt have been removed from the unit, the aircon can perform efficiently again. 

Lengthens the lifespan of your aircon

When left unattended, an accumulation of dust and dirt inside your aircon can lead to more significant problems. Not only does it become more difficult to clean your unit, but it can also result in overheating. In addition, when you have your aircon cleaned regularly, the technician can also check your unit for any potential issues and recommend possible repairs. 

Reduces your monthly electric bill

Since the cost of electricity is quite high in the Philippines, it is typical to take measures to conserve energy, especially since a major component of our electric bill is driven by aircon usage. Regular aircon cleaning is linked to a lower electric bill since it allows your unit to perform more efficiently.

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To help you stay cool amidst the summer heat, enjoy free fogging when you book our aircon cleaning service from March 1-31, 2022. You can also book our aircon cleaning service alongside our other flagship home cleaning services: Deep Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning Service, and Disinfection Service. Send us a message and our customer service team will happily accommodate you!

Written by Andie Miranda

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