3 Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Service for your Home

At Happy Helpers, we are in the business of un-messing people’s lives through the variety of house cleaning services we offer. When you book our team of professional cleaners, you can spend more time with your loved ones and focus on what matters most to you without having to worry about maintaining a clean home. Since 2015, we have continuously expanded the range of professional cleaning services we offer to include our signature home cleaning services: Deep Cleaning Service, Post Construction Cleaning Service, and Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Service, and commercial cleaning services: Office Cleaning Service and Retail Store Cleaning Service. To make it more convenient for our clients, we also introduced add-ons like the Hyla®️ Upholstery Cleaning Service, Aircon Cleaning Service, and disinfection services to complement our cleaning services. Recently, we decided to take the extra step to make it even easier for you to enjoy a happy and healthy home, so we partnered with Orkin, an international pest control company, to handle all your pest control concerns and needs. Here are 3 benefits of hiring a professional pest control service for your home:

Expert Long-Term Pest Control Solutions

With over a century of international experience in the industry, Orkin offers pest control solutions for the following pests commonly found in the Philippines: (1) American Cockroach, (2) Dengue Mosquito, (3) House Fly, (4) Philippine Milk Termite, and (5) Norwegian Rat. The team of highly-trained technicians can recommend tailored solutions to exterminate and prevent pests from occupying your space. This saves you the time and effort of trying different DIY hacks which may prove ineffective, or even worsen the problem. 

Create a Healthy Home Environment

After a long day of attending to our various responsibilities, we definitely look forward to relaxing in the comfort of our homes. Unfortunately, not only do pests disrupt the overall cleanliness of your space, but pose numerous health risks as well. For example, rats carry different diseases which can affect your food sanitation while dengue mosquitoes can lead to serious illness and hospitalization. When you avail of professional pest control services, the technicians can effectively remove pests and even identify the sources of the infestations to prevent further problems. 

Early Prevention of Pests 

Aside from affecting your health, pests also threaten the overall infrastructure of your home, especially when left unattended for long periods of time. For example, termites can severely damage the flooring, walls, ceiling, and structure of your home which can make it less safe for you and your loved ones. When you avail of regular pest control check-ups, the technicians can thoroughly inspect your home for any pests, and suggest solutions like removing stagnant water where mosquitoes breed, closing off entry points to rats and cockroaches, and sealing off holes in your window screens to prevent flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches from entering. Aside from preventing pests from inhabiting your space, this will preserve your home so you can continue to enjoy it in the years to come.

Enjoy FREE Pest Inspection this July!

To celebrate our newest house cleaning service, we are offering FREE pest inspections for your home until July 31. Send us a message to book your free inspection and our team will happily accommodate you!

Written by Andie Miranda

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